Nathan Miller


Working papers and research projects

Forward Contracts, Market Structure, and the Welfare Effects of Mergers (with Joe Podwol). May 2018.

Demand Estimation in Models of Imperfect Competition (with Alexander MacKay), October 2018 draft.

Finding Mr. Schumpeter: An Empirical Study of Competition and Technology Adoption (with Jeffrey Macher and Matthew Osborne), First draft August 2015. Revision coming soon.

Oligopolistic Price Leadership: An Empirical Model of the U.S. Beer Industry (with Gloria Sheu and Matthew Weinberg), first draft August 2018. Comments welcome!

The Tuna Cartel (with Marc Remer and Matthew Weinberg), work in progress.

Innovation-Based Repositioning: An Empirical Application in Cement (with Jeffrey Macher and Matthew Osborne), May 2018.

Risk and Capital Investment in the U.S. Railroad Industry 1970-1995 (with Mark Burton and John Mayo), work in progress.

Pass-Through Consistent Structural Estimation (with Matthew Osborne and Gloria Sheu), work in progress.


Understanding the Price Effects of the MillerCoors Joint Venture (with Matthew Weinberg). Econometrica, Vol. 85, No. 6, 1763-1791 (2017). This supplement summarizes some additional analyses not included in the article or the online appendix.

  • 2017 Best Paper Award, Association of Competition Economics.
  • Lanzilloti Prize for the best paper in antitrust economics at the 2015 International Industrial Organization Conference.

Upward Pricing Pressure as a Predictor of Merger Price Effects (with Marc Remer, Conor Ryan, and Gloria Sheu). International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 52, 216-247 (2017).

Pass-Through in a Concentrated Industry: Empirical Evidence and Regulatory Implications (with Matthew Osborne and Gloria Sheu). RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 48, No. 1, 69-93 (2017).

Pass-Through and the Prediction of Merger Price Effects (with Marc Remer, Conor Ryan, and Gloria Sheu). Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 64, December, 684-709 (2016).

  • R Code for replication of the Monte Carlo experiments
  • Simpler R Code for use in merger investigations

Modeling the Effects of Mergers in Procurement. International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 37, November, 201-208 (2014). This addendum clarifies the notation used in the article.

Spatial Differentiation and Price Discrimination in the Cement Industry: Evidence from a Structural Model (with Matthew Osborne). RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 45, No. 2, 221-247 (2014). Online Appendix.

Bias in Reduced-Form Estimates of Pass-Through (with Alexander MacKay, Marc Remer, and Gloria Sheu). Economics Letters, Vol. 123, No. 2, 200-202 (2014).

Consistency and Asymptotic Normality for Equilibrium Models with Partially Observed Outcome Variables (with Matthew Osborne). Economics Letters, Vol. 123, No. 1, 70-74 (2014).

Automakers' Short-Run Responses to Changing Gasoline Prices (with Ashley Langer). Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 95, No. 4, 1198-1211 (2013).

Using Cost Pass-Through to Calibrate Demand (with Marc Remer and Gloria Sheu), Economics Letters, Vol. 118, 451-454 (2013).

Choosing Appropriate Control Groups in Merger Evaluations (with Aditi Mehta), The Pros and Cons of Merger Enforcement

The Entry Incentives of Complimentary Producers: A Simple Model with Implications for Antitrust Policy (with Juan Lleras), Economics Letters, Vol. 110, No. 2, 147-150 (2011).

Why Do Borrowers Pledge Collateral? New Empirical Evidence on the Role of Asymmetric Information (with Allen Berger, Marco Espinosa-Vega and Scott Frame), Journal of Financial Intermediation, Vol. 20, No. 1, 55-70 (2011).

Strategic Leniency and Cartel Enforcement, American Economic Review, Vol. 99, No. 3, 750-68 (2009).

  • 2007 COMPASS Prize for best paper on competition policy by a graduate student.
  • 2009 Jerry S. Cohen Award for Antitrust Scholarship (honorary mention)

Debt Maturity, Risk, and Asymmetric Information (with Allen Berger, Marco Espinosa-Vega and Scott Frame), Journal of Finance, Vol. 60, No. 6, 2895-2923 (2005).

Does Function Follow Organizational Form? Evidence from the Lending Practices of Large and Small Banks (with Allen Berger, Mitch Petersen, Raghuram Rajan and Jeremy Stein, Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 76, No. 2, 237-269 (2005).

Credit Scoring and the Availability, Price and Risk of Small Business Credit (with Allen Berger and Scott Frame), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 37, No. 2, 191-222 (2005).

Inactive Research Projects

Cumulative Innovation and Competition Policy (with Alex Raskovich). EAG Discussion Paper 10-5 (2010).

Competition when Consumers Value Firm Scope, EAG Discussion Paper 08-7 (2008).